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Vertical Freezers




2144 mm (H)


GSWFM:  Upright Glass Door Freezer





 Standard features:


  • 1560mm(2 Door), 2340mm(3 Door), 3120mm(4 Door) or 3900mm(5 Door) lengths.
  • Anodised aluminium doors and frame.
  • 1800mm High tripple glazed glass doors.
  • LED 24 Volt Door vertical mullion lighting displays products to their best effect for increased sales.
  • 5 rows of fully adjustable multi-position wire basket shelves provide optimal layout flexibility.
  • Wire base basket.
  • Powder coated insulated well trays.
  • Reliable and efficient refrigeration technology significantly reduces energy consumption and running costs.


Other options and accessories:

  • Solid or wire shelves.
  • Front rubber bumper or Stainless steel bump rails.
  • Acrylic system divider.
  • Rear vent kit.

Island Freezers



 908 mm (H)

1078 mm (H) Glass Lid

GZI : Wide Island Freezer



GZIG :  Glass Sided Island Freezer




GZIN : Narrow Island Freezer




GZIGN : Narrow Glass Sided Freezer






 Standard features:

  • Length: 3750 mm, 2500mm, or 1875 mm,  Crown end module.
  • Island layout provides large customer viewing area.
  • Wire base tray for hygiene and easy cleaning.
  • Efficient coil design give less defrost load and lower running costs.
  • Fan and defrost safety thermostats fitted as standard.
  • Solar powered digital thermometer.

Other options and accessories:

  • Glass lids, dramatically reduces running costs.
  • Glass sided available.
  • Front rubber bumper or Stainless steel bump rails.