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Frigrite International are a global organisation focused on providing innovative refrigeration products, services and solutions for the commercial and retail industries.


As a leading manufacturer and supplier of commercial refrigeration to supermarkets and convenience stores, Frigrite International have a commitment to exceptional quality, service and the continual development of refrigerated products.


Located in Melbourne, the Frigrite Technology and Environment Centre (FTEC) is home to a experienced engineering and design team, who provide the innovation and dedication to excellence that Frigrite International is known for. It is through professional expertise that Frigrite International are able to offer customers unique refrigeration solutions that provide superior  product performance, reduced energy consumption and a commitment to environmental sustainability.


By combining product designs that are functional as well as being attractive, Frigrite International are able to provide a refrigerated solution that is both effective and efficient for any situation. When considering your next refrigeration project, you can be assured that Frigrite International will be there as your partner for success.